Janine Lindemulder Biography

Janine is not your typical porn star and this isn’t your typical Janine Lindemulder biography. Sure she’s blonde and beautiful but she is also so much more. Janine Marie Lindemulder was born on November 14, 1968 in La Mirada, California. After graduating high school in 1986, Janine supported herself as an dancer doing candy gram stripping at bachelor parties and such.

One day she answered an ad for a figure model, having no idea it meant nude. She met with the photographer and within a couple of days he asked her to do a layout for Penthouse. She agreed and took the chance. Janine was later selected as the Penthouse Pet of the Month for the December 1987 issue of Penthouse magazine.

The photographer who shot the photos for Penthouse called Janine and told her she was crazy for doing nickle and dime candy gram acts, that now that she is a centerfold she could make big bucks as a feature performer and dancing in night clubs. In 1988 decided to try out some real movies. Her first attempt at acting was in a movie called Moving Target. After witnessing her boyfriend’s killing by gangsters, a woman escapes to Florida with the mob hot on her trail. Janine was credited as Janine Linde and played the character Allison Spencer.

In 1989 Janine appeared in a movie called Caged Fury as a character named Lulu. This was a low budget movie starring Erik Estrada. Discontent leads to a daring escape plan in a women’s prison where the inmates are all lingerie clad models and the lesbian warden demands unusual favors for early parole.

That same year Janine also starred in another movie called Lauderdale which was a “Porky” style teen comedy with plenty of gross out jokes and nudity. A nerd and his out-of-control friend chase a dream girl to a beach on Florida where all the expected carrying on occurs.

In 1990 Janine was named the runner up for the Penthouse Pet of the Year.

In 1991 Janine gave birth to a son named Tyler. She says she would steer him away from the industry but that “He knows mommy is in movies.”

In 1992 Janine did a few videos for Penthouse. One of which she worked with director Andrew Blade who was then doing an X-rated movie, of which he offered Janine a part in. At first Janine refused, but he convinced her it would be harmless and in time she agreed to do it. After the release of the movie, Vivid offered Janine an exclusive contract.

In 1993, Janine’s first movie for Vivid was released. It was Parlor Games. At this point Janine continued to also do a few Penthouse videos but still wasn’t sure what she wanted out of her life. She also made a few more movies for Vivid including The Coven, The Coven 2, Blonde Justice, Blonde Justice 2 and Blonde Justice 3.

In 1994 Janine appeared in another mainstream movie called Lady in Waiting (aka Hollywood Madam). Janine played the roll of Sharon Masters. Lady in Waiting is a movie about a divorced cop investigating the sadistic murders of high-class prostitutes discovers that the prime suspect is his ex-wife’s new boyfriend. He tries to warn her about him, but she treats his suspicions as jealousy concerning her impending move, with their son, to another city. This was Janine’s last attempt at mainstream acting for awhile. Janine said “I wasn’t thrilled with ‘legitimate movies’. I didn’t care for the people. They were shallow and didn’t care about people’s feelings.” As opposed to porn, where everyone cares.”

Janine spent the next few years working hard at making adult movies for Vivid performing sexually however only with women on camera. As a result, Janine was perceived by some as a man-hater. This was far from the case. In fact Janine said that she only performed on camera with women because “Basically, it was out of respect for my husband. That and I’ve always felt more of a bond with women. If I’m gonna sleep with a man, he better fall in love with me. Being with a woman is like a slumber party. For guys, I need a relationship.”

She churned out 9 movies for Vivid and 1 Penthouse video in 1994 alone! Keep in mind this is during a time when contract stars of this level didn’t do more than 4 or 5 movies a year. During this time in her life, her husband at the time scorned her hard work. Janine would later say that he wasn’t supportive in the slightest. He despised what she did for a living. Of course, he also wasn’t working either so he didn’t get much of a say, considering the fact that it was her money alone that supported them.

In 1996 Janine and her loser husband finally split and she ended up having to pay him $2,000 a month. In an interview Janine was quoted as saying about her divorce that … “During our marriage, he despised what I did for a living. He didn’t help me build anything, but now he wants to reap the benefits. He got comfortable during our marriage lying on the couch… I’m relieved this whole thing is over. I won’t be getting married again soon.”

Janine didn’t let her divorce get her down. By 1997 Janine was in a high profile relationship with Vince Neil of Motley Crue and then later DJ Riki Ratchman of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball and KROQ’s Love Line fame. He currently is the host of for the NASCAR.com show NASCAR 24/7 Live and has a syndicated radio show called Racing Rocks and is married to his personal trainer who’s name is Gayle (no fame of any kind – just some normal girl) who seems to be big into animal rights and the environment and they have no kids.

Also during 1997 Janine also appeared a the Lesbian Camp Counsellor in Howard Stern’s Private Parts. She also did a cinemax flick called “the Price of Desire”. During the promotion for Howard Stern’s Private Parts movies, Janine accompanied Howard Stern to one of his appearances on the Tonight Show, where she shocked the studio audience by embarrassing Nikki Tyler in a lesbian kiss, which was said to be the first real lesbian kiss on live television.

But as her career got hotter, her relationship only got worse. Janine’s boyfriend Riki was later fired from his job for beating up fellow KLSX DJ for making fun of Janine. He was also arrested for the stunt. A few months later AVN reported that he had a fight with Jasmine St. Clair in a bar. Janine and Riki’s relationship was far from healthy. He was very dominant and she was very willing to give in to his every need and desire. He was very controlling and went out of his way to get Janine out of porn.

During this time Janine gave control of her fan club to former vivid girl Jenteal and Janine really started to change. Janine cut her hair short, dyed it black and wasn’t seen naked for awhile. She struggled with her decision. She wanted to “go straight” to make her boyfriend happy and even joked about becoming a school teacher. Janine however had a child to support and did finally get to making movies again and as such Janine’s relationship with Riki ended as a result. (Breakup was around 2002?)

In 1999 Janine appeared as “the nurse” in blink-182’s “What’s My Age Again” music video, and is on the CD cover of their album, Enema of the State. As of October 1, 1999 Janine’s contract expired with Vivid and she officially retired from making adult movies. For most of 1999, it seemed almost impossible to turn on the TV without seeing or hearings something about Janine. She was at the MTV music awards, she was on the Howard Stern show (numerous times), and so on and so on. So why retire when she’s at the height of her popularity? In the end, it turned out to be a combination of burn out and all the drama in her personal life.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″ video_id=”K7l5ZeVVoCA”]

Janine appears at about 1:15 in the video

In 2000 Janine made an appearance on the short lived TV series “Thunderbox”, alongside her boyfriend Riki. The TV series was on the air from 2000 to 2002. The show was originally written and directed by Gregg Backer and Jeff Bowler of “Driven” and “Inked” fame, however little else is known about this series.

In early 2002 Janine appeared on the Howard Stern show. He asked about her tattoos and how many she had and about her favorite lesbian sex scenes. Janine said that Jenna Jameson and Jill Kelly are a couple of her favorites but she said that it’s hard to pick just one as her favorite though. In the same interview Howard also asked her about her boyfriend Riki Rachtman. Howard wondered if she ever brings in other women to their bedroom to have a 3 way. Janine said they do that once in a while but she’s the one that wants it more than he does. She said they’ll sometimes go to Las Vegas and invite one of her friends to come along and share a room with them. After drinking a lot of alcohol they’ll eventually go ahead and do their thing. Janine said she and her friend will usually go at it while Riki watches. In late 2001, Janine realized she missed being in the spotlight and returned to the adult business signing a contract with Digital Playground and shortly after Vivid released a Janine compilation title on DVD called “Deep Inside Janine” which instantly shot to the top of DVD sales charts, proving Janine is still a force to be reckoned with. Nothing ever came of her deal with Digital Playground. Not even one title was ever released.

In 2002 Janine was inducted into the AVN (Adult Video News) Hall of Fame. In May of 2002 Janine revealed that she had in fact been working on something and that it will be released soon. However nothing ever came of this announcement. It was during this time in Janine’s life that she remarried. This time she married Jesse G. James of the infamous West Coast Choppers. However in 2003, he left Janine, when she was seven months pregnant. He left her for Sandra Bullock. Janine gave birth to her daughter Sunny James on January 1, 2004. Their breakup was very ugly to say the least, with reports of Janine throwing a vase at him. But in the end Jesse James and Janine did divorce and he went on to marry Sandra Bullock on July 16, 2005. Jesse James documented their courtship, marriage and rocky divorce a year later in his documentary Motorcycle Mania 3.

In 2004 Janine did in fact come back and with a bang. For the first time in her career Janine has decided to perform on camera with males in her new movie ” ManEater”. In an interview with AVN (the people who do the porn star awards every year) Janine revealed the reason she only performed on camera with females in the beginning was because she was married. After her divorce the men she dated appreciated the fact that she was only with other females so it just sort of stuck but times have changed and so has Janine.

After completing an eight-movie agreement with Vivid, she signed with Digital Playground in March 2005. In November 2005, Lindemulder announced on her official website’s forum that she was once again retiring from adult films.

In January 2006, however, she won two awards at the AVN Award Show, and decided to rescind her retirement for a third time. She continues to perform, mostly with women, but occasionally engages in sex on-screen with men. Sometime during her sabbatical, the actress had her arms extensively tattooed, and her breasts re-enlarged. She also had body modification performed between 2004-05, including the body piercing of her nipples and genitals.

In 2007 Janine decided to get back together with her long time gal pal Jenna Jameson and do a mega blockbuster adult movie called JANINE LOVES JENNA. Both Janine and Jenna Jameson have extensive real acting credits behind them so they decided to put them to work in a hollywood style adult movie of mega proportion.

To promote the release of the movie, they got a 50 foot billboard in Times Square … something typically not done for adult movies. But as you may have guessed by now, this is no ordinary adult movie.

Janine and Jenna Jameson first paired up in 1995 (before Jenna was a huge famous star) for the making of Where The Boys Aren’t 7. They had major chemisty and it showed on film and as a result of their hot love making, WTBA 7 still remains one of the best selling WTBA titles to this day. If you happen upon a copy of WTBA 7, be sure and check out the scene where Bartender Janine takes on customer Jenna Jameson in the bathroom.

What makes this movie even more interesting is that the director is Jenna’s former husband Jay Grdina (aka Justin Sterling), who was recently rumored to be dating Shanna Moakler (who was recently separated from her husband Travis Barker). Shanna Moakler was Miss USA in 1995, 1998 – 1999 she was a regular on the television drama Pacific Blue, in 2005 she starred (with her husband) in a reality series on MTV called Meet the Barkers. Shanna appeared on the third season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. This was the time that Shanna broke up with her husband Travis and was seen out and about with Jenna’s ex husband Jay Grdina (aka Justin Sterling). On January 04, 2007 the paparazzi caught them holding hands as they exited a restaurant called Mr. Chow.

Now keep in mind, all of this was going on while Jay was working on the Janine Loves Jenna project.

I might also point out that Janine has her own connection to Shanna Moakler. Back in 1999 Janine was the CD cover model and in one of the videos for her future husband’s band Blink 182 (Travis Barker). Although there was never any evidence that showed Travis Barker and Janine had a fling, it was said that Janine remained friends with all three of the band members after her work with them was complete.

All of the celebrity gossip and scandals aside …. JANINE LOVES JENNA … is no doubt going to be a huge hit. It was shot using high definition digital video cameras and was said to cost about $300,000 to make not including the massive amount being thrown into promoting the movie which some estimate to be in the millions, making this technically the most expensive adult movie ever made and without a doubt Vivid’s biggest release.


Janine Loves Jenna

Janine has won many awards over the years. There are two major adult awards given out each year which are XRCO (The X-Rated Critics Organization) and the AVN awards (Adult Video News – a magazine). Janine has been nominated for MANY awards from both organizations over the years and won a few and here are some of the awards that I know Janine has won over the years.

  • XRCO: Best Girl-Girl Scene in Hidden Obsessions (1993)
  • AVN: Best All-Girl Sex Scene for “Hidden Obsessions” (1994)
  • AVN: Best Tease Performance for “Janine: Extreme Close Up” (1997)
  • AVN: Best Supporting Actress (Seven Deadly Sins) (2000)
  • AVN: Best All-Girl sex Scene (Seven Deadly Sins) (2000)
  • AVN: Hall of Fame (2005)
  • AVN: Best All-Girl Sex Scene for “Pirates” (2006)
  • AVN: Best Actress for “Pirates” (2006)
  • XRCO: MILF Of the Year (2007)
  • XRCO: Hall of Fame (2007)

Around July 25, 2007 Janine logged into her MySpace page and said “screw all of this … I’m leaving for good” and with that she was officially retired from the adult industry from what she says “for good”. She said goodbye to her friends at Vivid, which at the time was her contract company, she took down and then totally deleted her Myspace page shortly after, disassociated herself with her official website , which by this time is being run by the people who run Club Jenna and has yet to be heard from again … at least by those from within the industry. So wherever Janine may be, we truly wish her the best of luck and all the happiness in the world. If anyone deserves it, Janine does.

On July 17, 2008 it was revealed that Janine Lindemulder had been arrested under her married name, Janine Marie James or simply Janine James, for failing to pay almost $80,000 in income taxes. In court documents the IRS claims that in 2004 Janine had taxable income of $350,101 and owed $79,136 of that in taxes.

The IRS filed the documents to charge Janine on June 18th in the U.S. District Court in Eugene, Oregon, which is where Janine was living at the time. She has since moved to Huntington Beach, California. Janine was arrested and released without bail on Monday July 14, 2008 after entering a plea of not guilty. They scheduled her for trial on September 16th before a magistrate judge.

Rumors abound it appears this case has very little to do with Janine and everything to do with her now ex husband Jesse James (of Monster Garage fame). Rumors have it that their now infamous, ugly divorce (remember he ditched his 7 moth pregnant wife Janine for the famous actress Sandra Bullock. Yes, the chick who was in Crash, Miss Congeniality and Hope Floats. Forbes magazine also happened to name her as one of the 20 richest women in entertainment. Anyway, as the rumor goes the divorce was getting nasty and reach an all time new low with sources report Jesse James reported her to the IRS for not paying all her taxes and then offered up some sort of “proof” but those same sources say that the proof wasn’t all that great but they were happy to take it from the famous couple (yes that’s right COUPLE meaning Sandra Bullok must have went with him to the IRS offices). There is no way to confirm if any of these rumors are true or just a flat out fabrication but in the end they do make for juicy gossip and I guess that is what the Internet is best for.

On December 29, 2008 Janine revealed via her MySpace page that the ordeal is now over and that as of today she had to pay back an unspecified amount as well as do a 6 month stint in federal prison. It was not revealed how much money she had to pay but AVN is reporting it to be $294,000. Janine is said to have to start her sentence by March 10, 2009. This means that she can turn herself in at any time between now and then. After serving her 6 months, she will be released on probationary terms meaning she will also spend time in a halway house. This could be anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.

Here is the long version of the story from an article over at XBIZ ….

Janine Sentenced for Tax Evasion. Retired Vivid and Digital Playground contract performer Janine was sentenced Monday to six months in federal prison for tax evasion.

U.S. Magistrate Thomas Coffin also ordered her to live in a residential community corrections center for up to six months after her release from prison and to serve one year of supervised release. Janine, 40, who now lives in Huntington Beach, Calif., under her real name, Janine M. James, had faced up to a year in prison after pleading guilty last summer to intentionally failing to pay her income taxes. During her sentencing in U.S. District Court in Eugene, Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Cardani said she currently owes $294,000 in back taxes.

Between 2000 and 2006, during a period in which she owed $200,000 in federal income taxes, investigators alleged that she spent more than $750,000. She paid $648,000 for a home in Eugene in October 2005. She used nearly $163,000 from her divorce settlement from her former husband, Jesse James, owner of the West Coast Choppers motorcycle fabricator shop and host of the Monster Garage television show on the Discovery Channel, for the purchase. The government alleged that Janine, who earned $350,101 in 2004, had failed to pay on a tax bill stemming from 1996-2002. When she pleaded guilty, James also admitted buying a new Jeep for $28,000 and paying $20,000 down on a new recreational vehicle between March 2004 and June 2004. She also bought furniture and a piano, but made no payments to the IRS. She was given until March 10 to report to prison.

In the mean time Janine has been busy working on her new official site where she will be posting stories and letters from jail. Her new website is called FREE JANINE. The site was put together by her long time friend, famed photographer Earl Miller. Janine has been shooting photos sets and videos for this new website non stop for the last few weeks that will cover the new updates for the next 6 months, while she is in jail.

Update — Janine finally got out of jail and will now spend the next 6 months to a year in a halfway house as ordered by the courts. This is where the story takes a strange twist. While in the halfway house Janine met a man by the name of Jeremy Aikma aka Lefty. He himself just got out of prison for intent to manufacture and distribute meth amphetamines. But being an ex con isn’t what the big tado is about. No, my friends — it seems that Lefty is a skinhead or what we also know as a white supremacist who until recently was dating (possibly married) to a self proclaimed Aryan Princess.

According to her recent Tweets (via Twitter) Janine and her new husband are trying to get pregnant.

  • 11.03.09 Janine- dammit man…Im ovulating! Get ur ass over here!
  • 11.03.09 Jeremy- 0h shit, Im comin baby!! Is “hoping” the stork visits her.
  • 9:42 PM Oct 16th I’m very much in love with my husband….in a crazy, stalker kinda way. 😉
  • 8:18 PM Oct 16th Being patient … for the stork.
  • 11:52 PM Oct 13th Janine is in love with her best friend / her husband!!!

So now that Janine is out of jail, she has to make some money. She went to work for Earl Miller doing some clerical stuff (Earl Miller mind you is the man who created her new website FREE JANINE). She also started doing some modeling again, getting some new content together for her official website. Her ex-husband (father of her 5 year old daughter), who keep in mind left Janine when she was 7 months pregant with this child so he could marry actress Sandra Bullock. For the first few years Jesse James didn’t want to have anything to do with this kid.

A few years later Sandra Bullock started appearing around town with the child, her step-daughter and when Janine went to jail for tax evasion Sandra Bullock became a full time mommy.

Now that Janine is out of jail, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have decided they don’t want Janine to have her child back. They want her full time, that Janine is a poor, drug addict, incapable of properly raising her child. They have also filed an order prohibiting her from doing any work in the adult industry, which in essence prohibits her from making any reasl sort of income to defend herself and all but halts her ability to have the money to fight for her child.

CLICK HERE to read a very nasty letter that Sandra Bullock mailed to the judge about Janine. Also here is a letter that Jesse James sent the courts about his ex-wife Janine before she went to jail. As you can see they are stopping at nothing to keep Janine out of the picture. source of letter is from LukeisBack.com

So since Janine can’t work in the porn industry for now so she is trying her luck as a tattoo artist. Here she is as the cover model of Rebel Ink Magazine.

Janine was on on Good Morning America on 11/04/09. You can CLICK HERE to watch the youtube click of it.

Despite her retirement from performing Janine continues to remain a fan favorite and ranks on the porn star popularity website Fame Registry.