Interesting Janine Facts

What are all the names Janine has been known as?

Janine for the most of her career simply went by Janine.  But she has also been known as Janine James, Janine Marie James, Janine Lindemulder, and Janine Linde.

Is Janine Married?
No Janine is not married as of this posting on October 1, 2012. In August of 2009 she married a man named Jeremy Aikman aka Lefty of whom she met in a half-way house after getting out of prison for tax evasion. As expected, the two did not last long. I’m sure no doubt a big problem in their marriage was that he was a member of a white supremacist gang while in prison and well Janine has done movies with men and women of other races before. Being a good skinhead, that might cause a few problems to say the least. 😛

However Lefty the skinhead was not her first marriage. She has been in the past. Janine was married in 1988 to 1996 to a former construction worker, who while married to Janine chose not to work and instead live off of her. They had one child in 1991, a son named Tyler. After their divorce, she was required to pay him alimony in the amount of $2,000 a month for a short time. (Some say for 2 years)

Janine married Jesse G. James of the infamous West Coast Choppers in 2002 and they separated a year or so later, but not before Janine had a daughter named Sunny James. Jesse James documented their courtship, marriage, and rocky divorce a year later in his documentary Motorcycle Mania 3. Jesse James cheated on Janine and ended up leaving her while she was 7 months pregnant to be with Sandra Bullock. And I’m pretty sure the whole world knows how that relationship ended.

  • Jeremy Aikman (July 2009 – 2010) (divorced)
  • Jesse James (20 October 2002 – 2004) (divorced) 1 child – Sunny
  • Grant S. Motshagen (1988 – 1996) (divorced) 1 child – Tyler

How old is Janine and what are her measurements?

Janine was born on November 14, 1968, in La Mirada, California as Janine Marie Lindemulder. Janine is 5 foot 8 inches tall, weighs about 124 pounds had 34C breasts which she later enhanced to a large D cup.

Janine Lindemulder was in the December 1987 issue of Penthouse, as the Pet of the Month. She appeared several more times in Penthouse over the next ten years, and was chosen as Pet of the Year Runner-Up for 1990.

No she is not. Her previous official twitter account is @FreeJanine was deleted and someone else took over the name and now tweets that however is no longer her official account nor does she have anything to do with it..

Is Janine a lesbian in real life or just in the movies?

In real life (so to speak) Janine prefers the company of a man and always has however she will also have sexual relations with women, making her bi-sexual. Janine performed on camera with women, not because she was a lesbian or even a man hater (just the opposite in fact), but because she loved the man she was with very much and he didn’t want her to perform with other men.

What year was Janine’s first adult movie?

Janine’s made her debut in adult films in the 1992 movie Andrew Blake´s Hidden Obsessions. Her first movie for Vivid was Parlor Games, a year later (1993).[/accordion]

Is Janine retired?
Yes, no, maybe so. That’s really a hard question to answer. In 2004 Janine signed an 8 movie deal with Vivid video, of which she agreed to perform on camera with men. When she completed that deal, about a year later she signed another contract with Digital Playground. That was in March of 2005, but by November of that year, Janine announced yet another retirement. However in January of 2006, however, Janine was at the adult expo in Vegas and won two AVN awards for her work in Pirates and dedicated to rescind her retirement statement. She said she would continue to perform, mostly with women, but occasionally engages in sex on-screen with men.

Around July 25, 2007, Janine logged into her MySpace page and said “screw all of this … I’m leaving for good” and with that she was officially retired from the adult industry from what she says “for good”. She said goodbye to her friends at Vivid, which at the time was her contract company, she took down and then totally deleted her Myspace page shortly after, disassociated herself with her official website , which by this time is being run by the people who run Club Jenna and has yet to be heard from again … at least by those from within the industry.

About a year later Janine was arrested for not paying her taxes (see her biography for the full story on that) and to help pay off that debt she made a few more movies for Vivid. She also did a ton of work for a new official website including making some video clips and tons of photosets that would allow her new website to have all new content every week while she was away in prison for 6 months. The money made from this website was sent to her then 17-year-old son to support him while Janine is in prison.

What’s the most extreme sex acts Janine has done on film?

Janine for much of her career was a girl on girl only performer however, later on, ventured out to take on some porn stars. In Janine’s Got Male she did a facial. For Janine that was a big deal. Later on in the movie Janine’s Been Blackmaled she got a facial and she also did interracial.

What does the tattoo just below Janine’s stomach stand for?
The tattoo (see photo below) reads alis volat propriis and it basically means She flies with her own wings. This is also the official state motto of the state of Oregon.