Janine Lindemulder Interview

This is an exclusive interview I did with Janine.   I sat down with Janine just days after she announced her official retirement from Adult Entertainment in 1999. Now you can read what Janine REALLY thinks about things. 😉

How did you get into the adult movie business?

I was 18 years old and I answered an ad for a figure model not knowing that the word figure meant “naked” figure. Soon after I met up with a photographer who did a test shot for Penthouse and lucky me, my test shoot was accepted and used in their December 1987 centerfold. For the next 10 years I shot between 15 and 20 layouts for Penthouse.

What was the first movie you did?

I had shot about half a dozen Penthouse videos. Through those videos is how I met Andrew Blake. He approached me about doing XXX. It took me about seven months to agree. I agreed on one condition: women only. From that point I did my very first movie: Hidden Obsession. I won best actress and best Girl/Girl sex scene with Julia Ann for that movie. Then I signed with Vivid and I’ve been very happy for the last 6 1/2 years. I now have about 40 movies under my belt.

What type of man are you attracted to?

Words that come to mind would include: odd, kind, passionate, witty, motivated, spiritual. Physically, I have no one set ideal. The main attraction comes from within.

What kind of woman are you attracted to?

Secure, true to herself, adventurous, nurturing, passionate. Physically, I am attracted to all different shapes and sizes. I find that there is a unique beauty to all women.

What is your favorite scene and who is it with?

I have many favorite scenes. It would be very hard to pick just one. My most memorable and infamous scene would be considered the ice dildo scene in the Andrew Blake’s Hidden Obsession that we won “Best Girl/Girl Scene” that year.

What is that you dislike about being a porn star?

Preconceived notions of how everyone in the adult industry is lumped together as being drugged out, promiscuous, degraded nymphomaniacs which, obviously, I disagree with. It’s been my experience that the majority are hardworking, tax paying, responsible adults who are open-minded and enjoy sex for public viewing.

What did you do before adult movies?

Penthouse Centerfold and a handful of B movie titles, oil wrestler, and gogo dancer. Prior to that, I was in high school.

So many men have fantasies about you. I’ve got to know, what do you fantasize about?

I have many different fantasies which reflect my many different moods. Usually I catch myself fantasizing about being surrounded with sweet smelling candles & soft music while lying on my back completely naked with my arms raised & tied above my head. A special someone hovers over me while on their hands & knees. Kissing me tenderly on my mouth, neck, breasts, belly, etc. While I’m being kissed he, she, or they begin rubbing exotic oils & creams all over my naked flesh. That one gets me everytime.

What is your favorite sex position?


Do you masturbate?

Every chance I get; at the grocery store, in the bank, as I’m getting my nails done, while I’m driving.

Do you work out to keep your body looking so good?

I have my cycles. I’ll do about three months heavy training and then three months off. Life’s to short to obsess about your body.

Who are your favorite adult performers?

I refer to the women I work with as going into a donut shop; they’re all tempting and you just want to take a bite out of each one. Cop out, I know, but I love them all.

Do you climax in your movies?

Majority of the time, YES! But if we’re unable to finish on film, I’ve been known to take the girls into the back seat of my car and finish there.

What are your turn-ons?

Good manners, sweet gestures, humor, soft wet kisses, natural body scent and a firm grasp on reality.

What are your turn- offs?

Bad manners, rudeness, dirty fingernails, abusing authority and techno music.

What does the future hold for Janine?

As you know I just announced my retirement from the adult movie making biz but that doesn’t mean I’m never to be heard from again. I’ll continue to make mainstream movies if the right scripts keep coming my way. I will also continue to model and do musicians.

Do you mean do music videos?

Yah, that’s what I meant. 😉

Well thank you for taking the time to speak with us.

It was my pleasure. I’m sorry that we didn’t have longer together. Hopefully we’ll get to chat again soon.