Movie Review – Amnesiac

Janine’s lost her memory, and a few of her inhibitions. Janine gets hit on the head and loses her memory. And the world tries to take advantage of it. The question is: When one is asked to do something against one’s will, does the memory come back or do the inhibitions go? Directed by Ralph Parfait and starring Janine, Dee, Chandler, Randy Rage, Alyssa Love, Timber, Herschel Savage and Derrick Lane.

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Movie Title: Amnesiac

Produced by: Vivid Entertainment

Length: About 1 hour and 12 minutes

Reviewer Rating: 9 out of 10

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After watching “Amnesiac,” I kind of felt sorry for Janine’s character because if she couldn’t remember what she actually did, then she really had no idea what she was missing. And that’s unfortunate because everything about this movie is fantastic. The sex is awesome, the cast is terrific and the plot’s not so bad either.

The movie began rather nicely with some close ups of Janine in the shower. This really didn’t have anything to do with the story, but it sure was a treat watching Janine lather herself up. As the soap and water dripped off her curvaceous bod, she was shown rubbing her tits and squeezing her tight ass.

Eventually Janine turned to fondling a bar of soap while talking to Herschel Savage, who was in the kitchen making himself a sandwich. Again, this really had nothing to do with the storyline. In fact, it was more of a distraction than anything because the camera kept cutting back and forth between Janine in the bathroom and Herschel in the kitchen. Personally, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to focus entirely on Janine’s nude body, but that’s just me.

Fortunately, it’s not long before they do focus again on Janine – and with good reason! That’s because she starts concentrating on playing with herself. Too bad this didn’t last all that long. After a few minutes of moaning, Janine tied a towel around herself, got dressed, and roller bladed down the street to meet a friend. Subsequently, she was jumped by an unknown assailant and banged her head in the process. Another female roller blader (Alyssa Love, who I think is supposed to be a friend of Janine’s in this movie) stumbles upon the crime scene and causes the bandit/rapist to flee, but the damage to Janine is done. The bang on the head causes her to lose her memory. And that’s basically all you need to know about the plot. From here on in, you can concentrate exclusively on the sex!

While Janine is lying around dazed and confused, Herschel is back at the house having his way with the maid (played by Dee). There’s a pretty funny moment in this scene, in which Herschel makes Dee, who’s dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, put on an actual French maid outfit in an apparent attempt to satisfy his own personal sexual fantasies. To that end, Herschel makes Dee clean the living room with a feather duster before he decides to clean out her clit with his mouth and tongue. This leads to a nice multi angle moment. All three angles need to be utilized here so you can see both Herschel and Dee dolling out the oral sex during a nice 69. The angles also come in handy when Dee rides Herschel’s rod in a cowgirl style position. Later, Herschel adds some more humor to the sex when he grabs the feather duster and uses it on Dee’s body while he’s banging her box from behind. Perhaps, he should have waited to utilize the duster until after he blew his hefty wad on Dee’s ass. Just a thought.

Meanwhile, Janine’s still out on the streets struggling with her memory loss. As a result, she’s forced to rely on the female roller blader (Alyssa Love), who saved her from her attacker, to help her out. The girl takes Janine to a hospital where she’s checked out by a female physician named – are you ready for this – DOC JOHNSON! Funny stuff! And appropriate considering a sex toy will play a prominent role later in this clip. First, though, the doctor runs some tests and finds that Janine is only suffering from temporary amnesia. And while she doesn’t know anything about the assault or what occurred before it, one thing Janine does remember is that she derives a great deal of pleasure from being finger fucked. She quickly recalls that fact when the doc uses her hands to check inside Janine’s twat for any damage incurred from the assault. Finding none, the doc still continues to digitize Janine anyway, much to her delight. Eventually, she pulls out the aforementioned sex toy – a silver metal dildo – which she uses to make Janine climax. They say pleasant thoughts are usually the easiest to remember. Well, if that’s the case, Janine’s on her way to getting back her memory real fast!

After a few more amusing minutes with Herschel (This time HE’S wearing the maid outfit!), we turn back to Janine still trying to remember what happened. Her roller blading buddy Alyssa Love shows her some old pics, but once again the best medicine for Janine turns out to be a sexual experience. During this encounter, Janine has her toes, tits and snatch sucked (the multiple angle option is available here). Then, the girls lock up in a passionate “69” highlighted by Janine slapping her Alyssa’s rear and expertly tonguing her clit and asshole. The ladies ultimately use dildos and a vibrator on each others’ pussies to end this clip on an orgasmic note.

Apparently, the lesbian loving does wonders for Janine’s morale and her memory. So much so, that she ends up getting it on with Lisa Kudrow lookalike Chandler (an attractive girl, but she really needs to go easy on the eye makeup) later in this flick. The two do the S & M thing in the back of a tattoo parlor. This was by far my favorite scene in the whole movie. Janine gets stripped, handcuffed, blindfolded and spanked by the leather wearing Chandler. Later, Janine returns the favor with a more gentle approach, performing cunnilingus on Chandler’s snapper while fingering her own butt hole.

The rest of this movie focuses on Janine’s amnesia. Will Janine ever get her memory back? Maybe. More importantly, will there be at least one more cool, unforgettable fuck scene in this movie? YOU BETCHA!!! Just ask buxom blonde Timber. She’s got the cum on her ass to prove it!

Seriously, if you remember one thing about this review, make sure it’s the fact that this is a great movie with some terrific sex scenes. It’s certainly one I would recommend adding to your collection. Janine’s work in this film is incredible, and the movie as a whole is damn good too.