Movie Review – Bad Girls 1 : Lockdown

Bad Girls 1: Lockdown. The girls and guys jails are out on work detail. The guards are doing anal, the prisoners are tunneling into each other’s bunks, Janine’s a pick-pocket, and in everyone’s pants, and there’s a horny catfight in Cell 13. This may be confinement. But it’s hardly solitary. Vivid presents Bad Girls: Lockdown, starring the unbelievable Janine. With Sahara Sands, sensual Asia Carrera, sultry Isis Nile, nympho Debi Diamond and nasty, slutty Brigitte Aime. Are you ready for 90 minutes in the hole? Starring Janine, Asia Carrera, Debi Diamond, Sahara Sands, Isis Nile, Bridgette Aime, Alex Sanders, Tony Tedeschi, Nick East, Steve Drake and Shawn Ricks.

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Movie Title: Bad Girls 1: Lockdown

Produced by: Vivid Entertainment

Length: About 90 minutes

Rating: 8 1/2 out of 10


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Bad Girls 1 : Lockdown
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Bad Girls 1 : Lockdown is the first in a new very popular series from Vivid Video. The series is about female inmates and their life in the slammer. This particular video is about the girls and their effort to escape from the pen.

The video starts out with a parole board meeting with Sahara Sands, Isis Nile and Steve Drake on the board. The inmate in question is none other than lesbian goddess, Janine. During their discussion about her criminal past we found that she has had a long history of theft including the time she stole a $10,000 necklace right off the neck of a women in the dressing room of a department store. Just then Janine notices a decorative necklace around Isis’s neck and then demonstrates exactly how she did it for the board. Janine seduce’s Isis and of course steals her necklace. When Steve Drake gets up to get a guard he ends up falling in Sahara Sand’s lap by accident and then realized how hot he is for her and they get at it. When Janine realizes everyone is busy with each other, Janine goes through their things and steals a few more more items before trying t get away. But as soon as she gets the door open, a guard catches her and brings her back to her cell. The other three finally notice what happened but they are already naked and into things so they continue with what they were doing.

When Janine gets back to her cell we see that Debi Diamond is in the next cell and wants to find out who was brought in but there is a wall separating them so she takes out her mirror and slides it out of the cell bars and toward Janine. After some naughty girl talk, both the blondes are hot and ready for some action. Debi calls for the guard while Janine starts masturbating. Debi gets even more turned on by the sound of Janine getting it on by herself and knocks a hole in the wall and then sticks her head through it and the two of them get into some serious girl/girl action.

The next day a female guard in the prison leads Janine and another inmate, Asia Carerra outside to some for some yard work, while on the other side of the court, another guard leads two inmates from the male portion of the prison (about a mile away) to do some shoveling. The two guards gradually slip away from it to get it on themselves while the four inmates then get together and then the 4 inmates then get together and talk about digging a tunnel someplace to make their escape.

That night they all work on a plan to escape. The girls then discover they are going to need a drill, so Janine and Asia go to look for one. They end up in a make-shift doctor’s office where Janine examines Asia but then the real doctor shows up and takes over, all the while Janine sneaks around and steals her drill and a few other items they might need for the break out, including doctor Nick’s jacket.

Sometime later, the girls finally managed to tunnel their way into a barnyard area. They of course then have to take time out and have a little naked celebrations. Soon the male inmates show up and Janine takes off so they pair up with Debi and Asia. Next we see the girls sleeping in their jail cells. Debi, Janine then Asia. Next we see Asia on a top bunk, then Tony sleeping on a bottom bunk. Was this all a big dream or have they actually gotten away? Who knows … the movie ends.

Overall the movie was pretty hot. The sex scenes were great and minus a few stupid movie antics (the wall punch thing, etc.) it was pretty real. I would have to give this movie an 8 1/2 out of a 10. The girls were especially hot – including Janine (as usual) and Isis Nile was great.