Movie Review – Emperor

Emperor. He Came. He Saw. He Came. A European film director (Rocco Siffredi) is in the middle of a mid-life crisis. He feels that maybe the world of adult films may fulfill his artistic visions. With his wife (Dasha) and ex-wife (Janine), they all rendezvous in Cannes for his latest project, in what may prove to be his last mainstream film. Rocco, at the festival, meets a mysterious woman who leads him down the path of adult cinema and to a new world of expression. No censors, nothing forbidden, no limits. Could this be the artistic kingdom that Rocco has been looking for, or a sexual wonderland? Paul Thomas presents Emperor, a Vivid Major Motion Picture.  Directed by Paul Thomas and starring Janine, Dasha, Tawny Roberts, Tera Bond, Mya Diamond, Victoria Swinger, Black Diamond, Christina Bella, Veronica Carso, Malicia Parker, Rocco Siffredi, Manuel Ferrara, Frank Gunn, Julian, Leslie Taylor, Alberto Rey, Lauro Giotto, Antonio Ross and Dominic.

Movie Title: Emperor

Produced by: Vivid Entertainment

Length: 2 hours and 6 minutes

Rating: 9.8 out of 10

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I first heard about Emperor when it won the AVN award for Best Sex Scene Coupling (film) for the scene with Janine and Manuel Ferrara. That scene was getting a lot of buzz and something about a scene with Rocco and Janine that was somehow controversial, so I went to check out the movie. The first thing I noticed was the cast. Most porno’s have a cast list of 5 or 6 or maybe even 7 people at most but this movie had 19 stars. After that caught my attention I never realized that the feature (the movie itself outside of any extras) was an amazing 2 hours long! Typically an adult feature is 70 to 90 minutes and this one clocks in at just over 2 hours! I was sold. I ordered my copy and waited anxiously for it to arrive. What was even more great was that the movie was reelased on my birthday. GO ME! 😛

Anywho, when the movie arrived I found it had also included a ton of DVD extras making it in all 4 hours long. That’s a nice bonus. It had photos, director commentary (directors cut), previews for other movies, deleted scenes from this one, etc.

Emperor is far from the typical porn movie. In fact, it took me a good two-viewings and some help from Thomas’ commentary track to figure out exactly what he was trying to say and where he was trying to go in many of the scenes. Thomas has never been one to shy away from the less direct modes of storytelling, and a good chunk of Emperor features an introspective Rocco character, as he examines his life and visually sees some of the things he may have missed out on.

The storyline basically follows Rocco as he arrives at Cannes to promote his latest film. But as is the case with many artists, Rocco is starting to wonder if he’s done all there is to do, both in his art and in his life. As the movie progresses, Rocco begins to expand both his sexuality and his artistic desires, and eventually gets drawn into the world of pornographic films. Of course, those not picking up Emperor for the story need not worry – there’s a whole lot of steamy sex along the way.

The two most recognizable females in the cast are former Vivid Girls Janine and Dasha. Dasha is playing Rocco’s ex-wife, while Janine becomes his new wife as the movie unfolds (incidentally, the synopsis on the box mixes up these two characters’ roles). But it’s Tawny Roberts who has the first big scene with Rocco (his character has an “open” marriage…we should all be so lucky!), in which she gets anally slammed in the spoon, doggy and missionary positions.

The controversial scene between Rocco and Janine is next, and takes place in an empty theater. Ironically, at first glance there’s no indication of any kind of underlying animosity between the two performers, and it’s only from Thomas’ statements in the commentary and additional stuff in the behind the scenes material (and, of course, prior knowledge from the Internet) that viewers will realize anything at all unseemly happened.

The Janine and Rocco controversy stirred from a confrontation between Rocco Siffredi and Janine Lindemulder, who at the time had only recently begun to do men on camera. Janine complained about Rocco being too rough and cutting off the tip of his condom. And female co-star Tawny Roberts later gave Rocco a black eye when he got rough with her during their scene.

Janine’s hottest scene in the movie isn’t the one with Rocco – it’s a back alley scene where she makes out with a cab driver played by Manuel Ferrara. Janine gets fucked hard, squirts at one point, and even takes a cum blast right onto her face at the conclusion. Janine’s other sex scene comes late in the film, when she makes out with Dasha in Rocco’s hotel room.

As for Rocco, in addition to the individual scenes with Tawny and Janine, he has a threesome with Tera Bond and Alberto Rey; gets involved in a mini-orgy with some gypsies (this is one of his subconscious segments); makes out with blonde Veronica Carso; and has a movie-ending pairing with Dasha where he gives her anal and she jerks his cum onto her chest.

Just as impressive as the movie is a bonus disc that Vivid has included in this release, which starts off with a 36-minute behind the scenes feature. Included in the behind the scenes segment is Janine beginning to tell what happened between her and Rocco, only to have Paul Thomas suggest that they edit it out…which they do (you can visibly see the jump-cut during the interview).

The real “jewel” of the bonus disc is the inclusion of five deleted sex scenes from Emperor. This is not simply extended footage from sex already in the movie, but rather five different sex scenes that did not appear in the film. Janine is featured in three of the five – a blowjob-only scene in a car with Rocco (during which she takes an oral pop-shot); the original scene in the movie theater, which is a threesome involving Julian; and a solo masturbation scene in a bathtub with a glass dildo.