Movie Review – Head to Head

Head to Head. Meet Janine, owner and proprietor of the very exclusive Wet Spot, where the clientele is both thirsty and hungry. Thirsty for Gin. Hungry for skin. Watch Janine, Alexis, Madelyn and Chelsea play fast and loose with their horny clientele, as The Wet Spot aims to please — over the counter and on it! Directed by Paul Thomas and starring Meridian, Kitty Monroe, Lovette, Janine, Chelsea Blue, Madelyn Knight, Alexis Christian, Vince Vouyer, Ian Daniels, Bobby Vitale, Mitchel Gant and John Matthews.

Movie Title: Head to Head

Produced by: Vivid Entertainment

Length: About 90 minutes

AVN Rating: 3 out of 4 stars


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Head to Head
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Janine and Madelyn Knight are quickly getting on my “favorites” list. It might sound strange to drool over a woman’s hair in a porn movie, but this girl could easily do shampoo commercials. Her tits are fake but look good and she’s got a great ass. The only problem is she’s in 3 scenes and all are girl-girl. Needless to say I’ll be checking out more of her in the future.

The opening scene was extremely hot, with Janine and some gorgeous brunette whose name I should remember but don’t. Janine even takes a rather large dildo up her ass and seems to really like it! The final scene is kind of a lengthy tease that does have a payoff, but it’s a boy-girl with the least attractive broad of the bunch (not that’s she’s bad, mind you).

After the obvious appeal of the plastic salami up Janine’s butt, I enjoyed every scene Madelyn Knight was in, even though I should have been deeply disappointed in her lack of hetero sex. I have a feeling that after I’ve caught a few of her boy-girl exploits this film will fall a few notches in my opinion.

I give this video a pretty good *but not perfect* rating. Even if you’ve seen Madelyn ride the boloney poney you’ll still squirm as Janine sits on that huge dildo and rides it till her ass is sore. I hate to beat a dead horse, but as I’ve stated above the lack of a hard dick or even dildo in any of Madelyn’s orifices kept this from being a 10.

If Madelyn had done boy-girl and they’d lost the scene on the pool table this easily would have been one of the top 10s of the year!