Movie Review – Laptop

Laptop. Boot up, Drive hard and then restart. Samantha is a sexy software designer on a collision course with virtual sexual reality. And sexy hacker Asia Carrera is on the same collision course with muff crazed Janine! Lap Top. It’s got Zip. It’s got Jazz. So get it, Mac! Starring Asia Carrera, Raylene, Janine, Laura Palmer, Alyssa Love, Mickey Ray and Rick Brock.

Movie Title: Laptop

Produced by: Vivid Entertainment

Length: About 1 hour and 12 minutes

Rating: 8 out of 10

Janine in Laptop

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Almost every girl you meet over the computer you can’t help but think she’s a man in real life and in this movie it works the same way only reverse! The man is really a woman and a hot one at that … JANINE! This movie was great and years ahead of its time.

Asia is a great computer hacker and taps into Sam’s (Janine) computer. Janine is a software programmer, and begins to make a sex game. Thinking Sam is a man, she has virtual sex with Tom Chapman. That’s the deal with much of this feature. Asia and Janine having virtual sex while we watch what they are apparently seeing with their virtual reality headsets. This particular scene toggles back and forth from Asia and Tom having sex to just Asia masturbating. Either way the scene is very well done, and especially erotic. The two are very gentle with one another and I think you’ll find your mate not turning her head away from the tube, even if she’s a first timer.

As the plot continues, Janine continues to design her software game. In the design, Janine writes a 3-way scene which includes herself Raylene, and Lauren Palmer. No toys in this game just lots of fingers and tongues. The three have a fairly decent outdoor scene that features a bound Janine and the two chess playing hotties I mentioned. I did enjoy much of the licking and kissing between this trio of sexy slit suckers. One thing that had me reaching for my force feedback joystick was when Janine tastes her own juices off of Raylene’s fingers. Yum.

A bit later on, Janine receives and e-mail saying she is late on her work. With the stress of completing her latest design, Janine finds herself in another virtual reality segment of her game. The scene has Janine wearing virtual reality glasses and masturbating while Alyssa Love enjoys some pool side sex with Mickey. Now here are the toys that we didn’t see in the last scene! Apparently, they were lost in Janine’s ass and pussy, as this is where we find them in this scene! Being a neat freak, you’ll see Janine lick one of her dildos after she removes it from her butt. Er, Yum?

The plot plods along and we’re introduced to Janine’s work mates (Mick and Rick) who attempt to speed up her project, but end up getting screwed by Palmer and Raylene instead. This is really the only weak scene of the movie.

As the story cums to a close, Janine and Asia plan to meet, Asia still thinking Sam is a man. When they finally do get together they have the final scene of the feature. Asia and Janine are both a little surprised to find out they had the same misconception regarding the sex of the other. Not to worry though. These equal opportunity screwers have a scene that includes Asia getting rimmed by Janine, and some wonderful gash grinding. Excellent close-up work of each girl licking their way to reality. I loved Asia’s facial expressions as Janine worked her tongue around Asia’s body. A sensual energetic ending to a good sex flick. Also, its borderline kinky, which makes it great for couples who want a little more than the normal ‘couples’ film.