Movie Review – Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins. Lust. Envy. Anger. Greed. Gluttony. Pride. Sloth and Lust Was At The Top Of The List. Three-ways, anal, freak shows, beautiful vixens, bizarre sex, hallucinogenic, eroticism, smoky corners. The dark world. Of a dark word. Sin. This multiple award winning, top selling movie was directd by Robyn Dyer and stars Janine, Julia Ann, Dee, Lola, Shelbee Myne, Alexandra Silk, Ava Vincent, Heaven Leigh, Azlea Antistia, Regan Starr, Candy Hill, Veronica (Hungary), Ian Daniels, Steve Taylor, Michael J. Cox, Frank Towers, Paul Morgan, Devin Wolf and James Bonn.

Movie Title: Seven Deadly Sins

Produced by: Vivid Entertainment

Length: About 1 hour and 53 minutes

Rating: 4 out of 4 stars

Seven Deadly Sins

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Much like the movie, Seven with Brad Pitt, the Seven Deadly Sins examines the dark side of the human spirit through a series of vignettes- and of course, every sin involves sex. Since Howard was picked Vivid’s “Seven Deadly Sins” as his first ever porn pick of the month – I just had to see what it was about…. even more so when I heard it won like every major award out there.

The movie is broken down into 7 scenes/parts … each scene acts out a different “deadly sin”. Lust, anger, greed and so on…. Most adult movies I’ve seen are about 4 or 5 scenes so this movie already has something good going for it.

In the first scene, Janine plays a duo role … acting out “envy”. She plays both a porn star and an adoring fan. The fan Janine goes to the CES show (the adult movie award show) to get an autograph from her idol (porn star Janine) and the totally bitch (porn star Janine) sends fan Janine home crying. Her fit leads to an unusual battle between the two Janine’s. They battle it out in a lesbian lust fest to the finish.

Janine did a superb job of acting in this part. Without a doubt this is some of the best acting I’ve seen in an adult film in a long time and I love how well they pulled off the duo Janine thing (camera wise). But what was the best was Janine having sex with herself (Janine plays both roles, remember). Some well timed edits and a nice body double make all of this possible … but the effort alone deserves credit. Porn people don’t usually put so much thought and effort into making and adult movie.

Sex wise this was a great scene as well. Imagine how great it is to watch a leggy, blonde taking a nice strap on fuck (doggie style). If you like hot dildo sex, this scene is going to blow your mind.

The next scene is with Candy Hill. She is “lust” personified. Candy wakes up every day and shoves a plastic cock into her sweet pussy until she fucks herself practically to death. Her entire day is filled with dirty thoughts about everyone she sees.

This scene gives us plenty of short teases starring the sexy slut. What makes all of this so interesting is that we aren’t really sure exactly when the scene is going to take place. It finally does in the form of a full blown bang in the produce section of the supermarket.

Three guys surround Candy and work on her while others watch from afar. this women in one wild fuck and can’t seem to get enough. The scene then really takes off when Candy gets a TRIPLE penetration fuck – (first one I’ve ever actually seen). One guy fucks her pussy, the other in her ass and the other rams his cock in her mouth.

By the time these guys cum on Candy she is totally drenched in cum. Only then does she come out of her fantasy to find herself masturbating with a cucumber in the parking lot.

Scene three features Azlea acting out “anger” … in a way. She is doing her best to fuck Frank Towers on the bed and then on the floor. While riding his cock, James Bonn enters the room to watch. James Bonn is playing the role of Azlea’s husband. But instead of getting pissed that she is fucking another man, he ends up being ridiculed and taunted by her.

He runs out of the house and wanders around abit. Somehow he ends up in what looks like a big warehouse with just a bed in it. Azlea is in the bed but totally made up in a way that makes Bonn no longer intimidated by her.

Now her taunting makes his cock stuff and after some banter, he shoves his cock into her mouth. Azlea is pretty hot, even if she is a bitch she does know how to talk dirty. Which I guess her husband really likes because he gets even harder and then grudge fucks her pussy!

She never lets up (I guess she likes it hard and fast). Azlea urges him to fuck her harder and faster, chastising him when he doesn’t slam her hard enough. Even as he drops his load on her boobs, Bonn can’t escape the demons that haunt him.

The next scene is “gluttony”. It’s about a wealthy couple who finds themselves no longer getting of on just each other. They decide to bring in three hot girls to help them play adult charades. All of this of course ends of in a lesbian orgy.

Veronica acts out “pride” in a big way in this next scene. She plays a porn star who is so full of herself she stares at her own reflection during a photo session. She picks a young couple and takes them back to her dressing room.

They are surrounded by mirrors so she can watch herself while she ‘treats’ them to her lovely body. This makes for a very interesting looking scene once again as countless reflections of the fornicating trio fill the eyes. This is a quite interesting scene and once Veronica jerks the guy off on her tits, she opens her eyes to find a huge surprise.

Regan Star seems to be suffering from every porn fan’s second favorite sinful condition, sloth. She can’t even seem to summon the energy to pick up a cookie from the plate. Her inner voices are starting to get really pissed and won’t be quieted until she agrees to call an outcall service. The blonde stud-boy who shows up isn’t all that thrilled with the outwardly slovenly Star, but he soon finds himself inside her mind where the petite little fuckdoll can really do her work.

I can’t tell which of them has more peroxide in their hair, but the one with dick in her mouth is Regan. The slob on the couch may lack energy, but her inner slutlet is raging and Regan takes her pounding, kicking and screaming all the way.

Like Candy, this little hottie really knows how to fuck and brings her a game to the table during this scene big time. Even the intermittent shots of the padded Regan can’t cool this one down. Once she gets doused in cum, the inner Regan is about to get off when stud boy bows out of the deal. I’d say the inner Regan is going to take serious issue with her outer self.

Finally, we see the evils of greed. Gospel preacher Michael J. Cox bets two of his pals that his holy roller act can get him laid. He is on his way to winning his bet when a trio of lovelies, Dee, Lola and Veronica, escort him quickly into the ladies restroom.

They take him through the door into an all white room where they start fucking him. As they take turns sucking his cock, other women begin crawling around the alter where they’re going at it. I really like Dee and Lola a lot, both of them give excellent looking head. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to get bad for Mike, but when Veronica is jerking his load onto Lola’s face, his future seems to be the last thing on his mind.

Seven Deadly Sins was a great and quite interesting fuck flick. Janine was great, Candy Hill was a perfect slut and hell – everyone just did a totally top notch job in this one. Well worthy of all the awards this movie won (including the Howard Stern praise).