Movie Review – Where The Boys Aren’t 11

Where The Boys Aren’t 11. Janine and Dyanna create a private club akin to new wave clubs of Japan, where suave men host beautiful women. Only in this club, the men are all women, and the sex is all girl/girl. This award winning, top selling movie stars Dyanna Lauren, Janine, Kobe Tai, Jenteal, Heather Hunter, Tia Bella, Lexa and Leslie Glass.


Movie Title: Where The Boys Aren’t 11

Produced by: Vivid Entertainment

Length: About 1 hour

AVN Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


Where The Boys Aren't 11

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This video is part 11 in the infamous lesbian series called Where The Boys Aren’t. Part 10 was nominated for quite a few awards so I couldn’t help but wonder how they would top it, but since the girls are pretty much the same as part 10, it should be pretty easy for them.

Where The Boys Aren’t 11 is set around a house of ill-repute for lesbians. Janine and Dyanna Lauren run this house and employ Tia Bella and Kobe Tai to help dispense the pleasure.

When Leslie Glass shows up to fulfill her ultimate lesbian fantasy, Janine assigns her Tia Bella. The pair doesn’t seem to be doing well, that is …. until Dyanna Lauren enters the room decked out in a Sheriff’s uniform and takes charge with Tia complains that her nice demeanor wasn’t what Miss Glass seemed to want. Dyanna’s remedy it to spank her, while forcing her to eat Tia Bella’s pussy. Leslie is slowly but surely defrost and while being compelled to watch Dyanna drive a dildo into Tia,t urns her into a desperate cunt hound. The scene ends with Leslie having a room shaking orgasm at the hands of Dyanna Lauren.

The ladies of the house (Dyanna Lauren and Janine) are enjoying a relaxing evening in front of the fireplace together. The romantic atmosphere can’t help but lead into a hot sexual trist between the two. The most impressive moment in this matchup is when Janine works a vibrator in her own ass while Dyanna rubs Janine’s pussy and talks dirty to her.

For the finale, Janine and Dyanna Lauren decide to throw a party, inviting their best clients to join. The long awaited WTBA group finale arrives at last! Propelled by such moments as Jenteal driving a dildo into Janine’s pussy with her mouth …. this scene absolutely sizzles.

Overall, the sex ranges from good to simply great and when you throw in this beautiful and talented cast … Where The Boys Aren’t 11 is a must see for everyone!